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Kava-Kava A Possible Solution for Stress and Anxiety Essay

Throughout life, we each experience the anxiety of the unknown and the inevitable stress of our responsibilities combined with our limited supply of time. New technology, a strong economy, and increased competitiveness for jobs in the work force seem to usher in increased stress and anxiety. Although many dismiss this as a natural part of life, the health arena asserts the detrimental side effects of continual stress upon one’s body. In fact, experts attribute almost 60 percent of doctor visits to stress-related ailments, including high blood pressure, arthritis, and cancer ( In the past, the only mainstream options for treating excessively harmful stress and anxiety were prescription drugs,†¦show more content†¦In addition, substantiated clinical studies and reviews from peer-reviewed journals must be summoned to validate the value of Kava-Kava as a candidate to fill the role of an alternative to anti-anxiety psychiatric treatments. WHAT IS KAVA-KAVA? Originating from the South Pacific as a favorite drink of the Pacific Islanders, the plant known as Kava-Kava (Pipper Methysticum Forster) is a member of the pepper family. The brownish root of the plant, known as Waka, is sun-dried, ground into powder, and mixed with water to create the therapeutic drink known by the name of the plant, Kava-Kava ( Although only recently advertised in the United States, Kava-Kava, also known as awa and yaquona, has been used for thousands of years by Pacific Islanders as a ceremonial drink, social beverage, and therapeutic elixir for relaxation and anti-anxiety. In these cultures, the drink is often drunk by elite chiefs and elders and commonly used for both official and social events, sacred rituals, and for welcoming special guests ( However, white man did not discover the drink until Captain Cook’s voyage in 1768-1771 lead to an encounter with Kava at sacred ceremonies ( Many years later, in 1995, Killham of Lincoln, Massachusetts finally convinced an American herbal company, Pure World, Inc. to beginShow MoreRelatedThe Pregnancy Anxiety And Tips For Coping With Childbirth Anxiety9776 Words   |  40 PagesAre you having childbirth anxiety especially as the date of the birth draws near? Are you unsure on how to cope with childbirth anxiety? To help understand the cause of childbirth anxiety and tips for coping with childbirth anxiety, I have interviewed psychologist Carol Hicks. Tell me a little bit about yourself. I have a MA degree in Psychology and I have been a Marriage and Family Therapist for 30 years with a specialty in hypnotherapy influenced by Milton Erickson. My ex husband and I wrote

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Skydiving History and Today Essay - 1357 Words

The first ideas of freefall did not consider the evolution of human body flight that skydiving has become today. In fact, Leonardo Da Vinci, who we now consider the â€Å"Father of the Parachute,† designed the first conceivable sketch of a parachute. His original idea was to build a device to rescue people from burning buildings, not knowing what his impact may be on the sport six centuries later. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Andre Jacques Garnerin is recorded to make the first exhibition jump in Paris from a balloon on October 27,1797. However, sport parachuting began with the first recorded freefall in 1914 by a woman named Georgia (Tiny) Broadwick. Until this time, a static line was used to deploy parachutes. Broadwick was giving the†¦show more content†¦When both forces reach equilibrium, the jumper has reached terminal velocity. Roughly ten seconds after exiting the aircraft, the skydiver reaches 120 mph (terminal velocity), considering he is falling in the â€Å"Box Man† position. If the skydiver changes his orientation to a sitting, head-down, standing, or any other position, his terminal velocity will adjust accordingly. After parachute deployment, the surface area is greatly increased and the terminal velocity is at its slowest airspeed. Applying these freefall concepts, skydivers have evolved into being able to fly their bodies, some in several orientatio ns throughout the single sixty-second jump. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The first World Parachuting Championships were held in Yugoslavia in 1951. Five European countries were attended, and style and accuracy were the only events represented at the time. Since 1954 the championships have occurred every two years. The countries participating have vastly increased since the first five, to forty-two represented in 2002. The only initial team event was accuracy at the fourth World meet in 1958. The team jumpers exited from 4,000 feet with a 15-23 second parachute- opening delay. This means that the skydiver had to open his parachute in between 15 and 23 seconds from clearing the aircraft. This type of delay is unheard of in skydiving today, considering the slow opening of parachutes with advanced technology. EveryShow MoreRelated Physics is Everywhere Essay1852 Words   |  8 Pagesknowledge to help them perform a deed more successfully and efficient. Although skydiving and weight lifting aren’t the only activities that invo lve physics, I feel that they are some of the most interesting and benefit seeking activities. Without the knowledge of physics, skydiving wouldn’t be as safe as it is today and weight lifters wouldn’t be able to lift five times their weight. The history of the physics of skydiving and weight lifting has been affected by implications socially and economicallyRead MoreTaking a Look at the Parachute526 Words   |  2 Pagesis an invention that many people around the world use today. It can be used for skydiving, military use and for safety on air planes. The idea came from the one and only Leonardo Da Vinci about the1480’s. He came up with the idea on paper. He actually never built the idea. But he is noted for the first person to come up with the idea of the parachute. Some people say during ancient Chinese age; they came up with the idea. It is written in history that Leonardo Da Vinci made a sketch of the inventionRead MoreQueenstown Is The Best Place In New Zealand913 Words   |  4 PagesZealand. Other than that Queenstown is coined â€Å"The Adventure Capital of New Zealand†, as there are activities ranging from bungee jumping to skydiving. It is a marvellous place for sight seekers and thrill seekers alike. Waitomo Caves- Waitomo Caves is beautiful place where magic and nature come together. Once you enter the caves you will learn the science and history of this phenomenon. As you go on further naturally illuminated glow worms in the darkness of the cave will appear. This experience willRead MoreBase Jumping Is Becoming Known As One Of The Most Extreme Sports The World Knows2130 Words   |  9 Pageswas performed by Faust Vrancic in 1617 of the St Mark’s Campanile in Venice (Wikipedia, BASE jumping). Although this was not seen as the birth of what formed what we know as BASE jumping today. What we know as BASE today started in the late seventies. When first attempts were made, jumpers would use standard skydiving equipment. Later more specialized parachutes and gear would be made just for BASE jumping. These special parachutes can cost anywhere from $1200 to $1500 and more. Due to the negativeRead MoreMarijuana Should Be Legal Essay1177 Words   |  5 Pages Today it is not uncommon to be watching television and come across an advertisement promoting the use of alcohol and cigarettes. Both substances are detrimental to your health, and have no medical value yet both are legal to anyone of age. To a Cancer or AIDS patients seeking relief from marijuana, these commercials must be difficult to bear. Peter McWilliams stated, quot;Marijuana is the finest anti-nausea medication knownRead MoreDrug Abuse And The Unwinnable War1462 Words   |  6 PagesDrug Abuse and the Unwinnable War Drugs are not a new thing by any means and have been commonplace in most cultures at one point or another. Throughout the known history of the world humans have used drugs to provide mind and mood altering experiences. Evidence of the production of alcohol can be traced back to the description of a brewery in an Egyptian papyrus as early as 3500 B.C (Fort, J. 1969). On a seemingly primal level, humans have always had some incessant need to alter their state of consciousnessRead MoreArticle Review On What Your Mind By Changing Your Perception And Perspective Essay1063 Words   |  5 Pagesaccording to your filters and how you see things and the people in your life, which in turn impacts on your perspective. Perspective: A particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view or viewed from a specific point. Example: History is normally written from the editor s perspective. This now brings us to the following: people can t be in our lives, any other way than what we project them to be. You only perceive one version of the people around you and that is the versionRead MorePros And Cons Of Extreme Sports1334 Words   |  6 PagesOne of the fastest most paramount growing trend in the world today is the proliferation and integration of extreme sports. This is a very important trend, and I am going to talk about the reason why the trend has emerged through brief history, pros and cons. My goal is to make sure that this trend is well-understood. Extreme sports are more popular among young people; we could say that the spectacular stunts used in these wild sports attract mostly younger generation. Most participants in these sportsRead MoreGovernment Regulation Of The United States1546 Words   |  7 PagesThe government has always played a very strong role in the laws of the United States and in the lives of people who live in this country. At times in histo ry, the government has been too strict on its people other times.These leaders have, however, failed to achieve a successful medium between these two treatments. The situation is similar to this one when dealing with most everything that the government has any type of control over. Although there are opposing sides which either argue for strictRead MoreEssay on Red Hot Chili Peppers1622 Words   |  7 Pagesethnic stores, but now it is just as likely to be found at the neighborhood Kroger. For most people, however, their knowledge stops here. Through this paper I hope to educate the reader on some other aspects of this intriguing vegetable, such as its history, chemistry, and uses. There is some confusion over what a chili pepper is. To many it is only the hot varieties of pepper, such as the jalapeno or the serrano. Others include the milder varieties, such as the bell pepper. Websters Encyclopedic

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Speech Stop Bullying in the U.S. Free Essays

Six months ago I read about a cheerful, vivacious, ten-year-old girl, Ashlynn Connor, an honor roll student and a cheerleader, who dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. However, one year ago, Ashlynn’s dreams came to an abrupt end. One year ago, Ashlynn’s sister found her dead, hanging from a scarf in her bedroom closet. We will write a custom essay sample on Speech: Stop Bullying in the U.S. or any similar topic only for you Order Now One year ago, Ashlynn Conner committed suicide. This ten-year-old girl felt so desperate, so alone, so hopeless, that she took her own life. Ashlynn Conner killed herself because she was bullied. Her classmates called her ‘whore’, ‘slut’, and ‘fat ass’ every day. Every day she was rejected, humiliated, and harassed by her classmates. And sadly, no one stopped it. Her friends didn’t stop it, her teacher didn’t stop it, no one stopped it, so Ashlynn stopped it the only way she knew how. This is just one instance of a pervasive problem. Every year, ten million students in the United States are bullied; 2 million are cyber bullied, 3. 5 million are physically bullied, and 4. 5 million are verbally bullied. Beyond the immediate effects of sadness and hurt, many victims hurt themselves, drop out of school, act violently, get involved with drugs, commit suicide, and develop depression. And this doesn’t just affect a few of us; it affects all of us. All of us have friends, or cousins, or nephews, or nieces, or brothers, or sisters, or kids who will one day attend, or who currently attend school. With the prevalence of bullying, there is a very high chance that someone you care about will encounter a bully, that someone you care about will be bullied, and that someone you care about will get hurt. Take a moment to imagine what it would be like. Imagine what it would be like for someone you loved to be laughed at, pushed around, to have her head shoved into a locker, to be ignored by her peers, to find a note in her desk with the word ‘loser’ written on it. Imagine how upset you would be. It is our responsibility, as students and as human beings, to help these kids. When Ashlynn was bullied, nobody stood up for her. She went to her teachers for help; they told her to stop tattling. She went to her friends for help; they told her they were too scared to help. This is very common. Teachers often overlook bullying, ignore bullying, or respond to bullying ineffectively, while students, on the other hand, allow bullying to continue because they are afraid of becoming targets themselves, or because they think someone else will intervene, or because they don’t know any better. Teachers and students rarely intervene when it comes to bullying. According to national anti-bullying organizations, only 15 % of bullying incidents are intervened in. 5%. In school, 15% is an F, a failure. And that’s what this is; this is a failure. Teachers and fellow students are failing to stand up for the bullied. Our society is failing to stand up for the bullied. Ten million kids are bullied every year, and nobody is standing up for them. It is evident that we cannot leave things as they are. Millions of kids are being bullied, and nobody is stopping it. We must encourage te achers and students to step in and speak up. We must educate them about the costs of bullying, and teach them how to stop it. We must take action. Fortunately, two organizations, Champions Against Bullying and Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center are taking action. Each organization has a unique approach. Champions Against Bullying offers in person workshops for students and schoolteachers where they learn what bullying is, what its costs are, how to prevent it, and how to stop it when it does occur. Pacer’s takes a different approach. It provides online resources such as toolkits, action plans, and learning games that teachers use to educate their students. YOU can increase the influence of each of these organizations. You can tell your friends, tell your family, and tell your local schoolteachers. You can donate or volunteer by going to championsagainstbullying. com or www. pacer. org/bullying. If we do this, we will strengthen the anti-bullying movement. If we do this, we can look forward to a future where people do not tolerate any form of bullying, and kids are accepted for who they are. Once it was acceptable to use the word homo, to use the word fag, to use the word retard, to use the word Jap, to have segregated schools, segregated housing, to smoke at work, to not wear seat belts. These things are no longer acceptable because people, people like us, decided they are unacceptable. And if we work hard enough, we can make bullying unacceptable too. Ashlynn dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. I think Ashlynn’s had another dream, a dream of a future in which she wasn’t bullied, a dream of a time when bullying was no longer tolerated. We can help Ashlynn’s other dream come true. We can make bullying unacceptable. I look forward to a future where  EVERYONE will be treated graciously. I look forward to a future where  kids like Ashlynn will not have to die in order to stop being bullied. I look forward to a future where  people will stand up for those put down. I want a future in which my children are not at risk of being bullied, a future in which your children are not at risk of being bullied. We can make Ashlynn’s other dream come true. (pause) If we want to. How to cite Speech: Stop Bullying in the U.S., Essay examples

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Unilever Vs Nestle free essay sample

Today we live in a global economy in which the time taken for people to move between continents has been significantly reduced and in which Internet and other connections make instant connections possible. Businesses and organisations now have to recognise that they now operate in a global market place and to develop appropriate strategies. A global strategy is an organisational plan that takes into account these new global realities. Both Nestle and Unilever have developed global distribution and marketing networks, based on their powerbrands i. . market leading brands that are recognisable in nearly every country in the world. Both Nestle and Unilever have many powerbrands. Key aspects of global strategy include: 1. Treating the global market as the domestic market, in terms of attention to detail, without being complacent or ingnorant. 2. Creating a global marketing mix, recognizing regional and national differences, such as differences in language and tastes. 3. Creating global p roduction and distribution systems, e. We will write a custom essay sample on Unilever Vs Nestle or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page g. superfactories covering major areas of the world. Concentrating on powerbrands the most successful brands and products. Because the global market is so large there are substantial benefits to be gained from economies of large scale production, marketing and distribution. Rather than producing thousands of different products it makes sense to narrow down the range to a much smaller number in order to support these brands across the globe. Unilever Unilever is one of the world’s leading suppliers of consumer goods, including household favorites such as Persil, Knorr, Hellmann’s, Lipton, and Dove. To keep up with consumer needs and increase operating margins, Unilever wanted to consolidate its 1600 brands to 400. By consolidating its brands, Unilever plans to focus on stronger product innovations, strengthening marketing efforts, building a world-class supply chain, and simplifying business processes. Dubbed Unilever’s Path to Growth strategy, the company has already saved â‚ ¬1. 6 billion from global procurement efficiencies. Maintaining 1,600 brands across the world was very difficult for Unilever to control. Unilever had a decentralized IT infrastructure which lacked the integration needed for a truly efficient global company. To reach its Path to Growth goals, employees at Unilever needed fast, easy access to information on both a regional and global basis. To get to this point, the IT department launched the Unilever Information Program (UIP) to develop an infrastructure to support the Path to Growth strategy. One of the greatest priorities for the UIP was to find a quick data integration solution to allow user access to any number of data sources for in-depth analysis. The UIP provided Unilever with the following ; †¢Better understand consumer needs and plan with its key global customers †¢Monitor the health of its top 400 power brands and competitors †¢Identify how to improve and streamline supply chain management worldwide †¢Provide business intelligence (BI) and financial reporting on a global basis By using the UIP Unilever are strengthening their relationships with retail customers. They will also be outsourcing transactional operations in IT, finance and human resources so that they can focus on growing global brands. Unilever has deep roots in local cultures and markets around the world that gives them a strong relationship with customers and is the foundation for their future growth strategy. They plan to bring their wealth of knowledge and international expertise to the service of local consumers. They view themselves as a truly multi-local multinational. Unilever’s future strategy is as follows; â€Å"We aim to build a winning portfolio by extending our leadership positions and our presence in high growth spaces. We are improving our core capabilities. Bringing all this ogether as ‘One Unilever’ will ensure that we capitalise on both our local roots and global scale. † This implies that they are trying to become a fully integrated company with the use of their UIP system and then apply their international experience and knowledge in local markets. Nestle With such an enormous product portfolio, Nestle uses six umbrella brands: Nestle, which accounts for 40 percent of the business, Purina pet foods, Maggi, Nescafe, Nestea, and Buitoni. Nestle uses a regional strategy, which is in turn the starting point for local market business strategies. To understand Nestles strategy of cost-efficient global growth, unwrap a Kit Kat. Nestle acquired the chocolate-covered wafer bar in 1988 when it bought Britains Rowntree. Today its a $1 billion business and the company is pushing Kit Kat as its answer to the Mars bar, the worlds most popular chocolate. Last year Nestle started producing Kit Kats in Russia and Bulgaria for Eastern Europe. A Latin American launch is planned this year. Kit Kat is already selling briskly in Japan, Australia and India, and a re-launch is under way in Thailand. Unlike Coca-Colas, Kit Kats formula is different almost everywhere. A Russian Kit Kat is a fraction of an ounce smaller than a Bulgarian one, and the chocolate is coarser and not as sweet as that in a German Kit Kat. In Japan, strawberry-flavored Kit Kat is all the rage. Each of these product variations is the result of thorough market research on local tastes. There is no global consumer for the food-and-beverage business. This is a deep belief we have, says Brabeck. For all Nestles global reach, Brabeck dismisses the idea of global brands. We believe there is no such thing as a global consumer, especially in a sector as psychologically and culturally loaded as food. As a result, Nestle retains its brand strength by using local brands, such as Rolo in the U. K. or the Rossyia confectionary range in Russia. Moreover, product formulations also vary from market to market to reflect local tastes. Every single day, billions of customers have to make the choice to pick our [products], he says. This means having a local character. For this reason, he dismisses the notion of global advertising. Yes, we tried once to make a global Nescafe campaign. On paper it was efficient, but it was a flop. Either they are not relevant or they are offensive. Nestle uses a differentiated marketing strategy customizing their products specifically for local tastes. This has proved very successful for them and they look to continue this strategy. Conclusion Unilever is using a slightly adapted global strategy. They have global powerbrands which are mostly unaltered from country to country. They are focused on integrating their company and becoming more efficient. Nestle however is using a full differentiated strategy with products fully adapted to each countries local market. In theory this is a far superior strategy but the main difference between the two companies is their product categories. Nestle is heavily involved in the food category while Unilever is primarily involved in the hygiene, cleaning and personal care category. Does this mean that Unilever’s products can afford to be less adapted than Nestle’s? I don’t think so. I believe that Nestle has a far superior strategy and will gain a significant competitive advantage from their strategy in the future.

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Twycross Essays

Twycross Essays Twycross Essay Twycross Essay In an constitution such as Twycross, wellness and safety is jurisprudence they must adhere to with a really rigorous policy. Both the wellness and safety of the animate beings, staff and the public must be taken into consideration, within the menagerie there are many possible risky state of affairss that could originate, and in order to avoid these safeguards must be taken. Located around the menagerie you will happen many different marks and informational postings, these marks are to convey cautiousness to the populace and staff of possible jobs which may happen. For illustration they have marks saying to non mount over or tilt on walls as this could take to brushs with the animate beings. Situations such as people acquiring bitten or members of the public falling into the enclosures are avoided by utilizing different methods, for illustration they use fosses to forestall animate beings from being able to leap out/escape. They besides use toughened Perspex screens on their enclosures so the animate beings ca nt get away and people ca nt travel in ; which avoids many jobs from happening. The possibility of bacteriums distributing and doing unwellnesss the menagerie places tonss of different points in easy to entree topographic points to rinse their custodies and halt bacterium from distributing. In all concerns risk appraisals are used to foretell and put restrictions on jeopardies in that environment. In order to put up a concern the concern has to look and hazard, and measure it. Twycross has to transport out varied hazard appraisals, so they can avoid anything go oning to staff or visitants. They will besides measure animate beings and put them in classs changing from one to three. The staff besides has to undergo hazard appraisals, they have to do certain that all hazards that could potentially happen are under supervising, and that all steps have been taken in order to avoid these from happening at any clip. Staff use the likeliness and jeopardy evaluation to analyze the hazard s of peculiar jeopardy happening. The menagerie uses evaluations from one to five which analysed by jeopardies evaluation. Hazard appraisals are carried out besides, seting each animate being into classs, they have to integrate factors such as how unsafe the animate beings are. Category one animate beings are the most unsafe and as you go up the Numberss the less unsafe the animate beings are perceived to be. If a fire was to happen within the menagerie evidences, means that the staff will hold to guarantee that the animate beings are inside their enclosures and all the public and staff are all helped to the designated countries around the menagerie. Animals may potentially be able to get away, the staff will hold to do certain that is avoided as the populace and animate beings may be harmed, they have to transport out serious safety safeguards cheques such a such as kid locks are on, and that the fire is taken out safely and every bit speedy as possible. First aiders will leap into action if anyone is hurt. The menagerie has regular fire drills in order to maintain the staff good prepared in any potentially fires. The kite grade is the symbol that gives consumers the confidence that merchandise they have bought truly does conform to the appropriate British criterions and should hence be safe and dependable. The grade of the kite stands for the service of good quality and really good safety. This grade assures that the merchandise is good ; this grade stands there to state the populace that is a secure and genuinely sure point.

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The History and Invention of Peanut Butter

The History and Invention of Peanut Butter It’s one of the country’s favorite things to spread over bread. We dip celery sticks in it. It’s often baked into cookies and countless deserts. I’m talking about peanut butter and as a whole Americans consume tons of the pulverized pea about a billion pounds worth each year. That’s roughly $800 spent annually and  a booming increase from the roughly two million  pounds produced at the turn of the 20th century. Peanuts were first cultivated as food in South America and natives in the region began turning them into grounded up paste roughly 3,000 years ago. The kind of peanut butter that the Incas and Aztecs made was of course much different from the manufactured stuff sold in grocery stores today. The more modern story of peanut butter actually began towards the end of the 19th century, not too long after farmers began mass commercializing the crop that was suddenly in demand after the civil war. A Nutty Controversy So who invented peanut butter? Its hard to say. In fact, there appears to be some disagreement among food historians over who deserves the honor. One historian, Eleanor Rosakranse, says a woman from New York named Rose Davis started making peanut butter as early as the 1840’s after her son reported seeing women in Cuba grinding peanuts into a pulp and smearing it onto bread.      Ã‚   Then there are some who think the credit should go to Marcellus Gilmore Edson, a Canadian chemist who in 1884 filed and was granted the first patent in the United States for what he called â€Å"peanut-candy.† Conceived as a kind of flavoring paste, the process described running roasted peanuts through a heated mill to produce a fluid or semi-fluid byproduct that cools into a consistency like that of butter, lard, or ointment. However, there wasn’t any indication that Edson made or sold peanut butter as a commercial product. A case can also be made for a St. Louis businessman named George A. Bayle, who began packaging and selling peanut butter through his food manufacturing company. It’s believed that the idea was born out of a collaboration with a doctor who had been seeking a way for his patients who were unable to chew meat to ingest protein. Bayle also ran advertisements in the early 1920’s proclaiming his company to be the â€Å"Original Manufacturers of Peanut Butter.† Cans of Bayle’s Peanut Butter came with labels touting this claim as well. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg It isn’t difficult to find those who dispute this claim as many have argued that the honor should go to none other than the influential Seventh-day Adventist Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. Indeed, the National Peanut Board states that Kellogg received a patent in 1896 for a technique he developed for making peanut butter. There’s also an 1897 advertisement for Kellogg’s Sanitas company Nut Butters that pre-dates all other competitors. More importantly, though, Kellogg was a tireless promoter of peanut butter. He travelled extensively throughout the country giving lectures on its benefits of to health. Kellogg even served peanut butter to his patients at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, a health resort with treatment programs supported by the Seventh-day Adventist church. The one big knock on Kellogg’s claim as the father of modern day peanut butter is that his disastrous decision to switch from roasted nuts to steamed nuts resulted in a product that barely resembled the ubiquitous jarred goodness found on store shelves today. Kellogg also  in an indirect way played a part in the production of peanut butter reaching a mass scale. John Lambert, an employee of Kellogg’s who was involved in the nut butter business, eventually left in 1896 and founded a company to develop and manufacture industrial strength peanut-grinding machines. He would soon have competition as another machine manufacturer, Ambrose Straub, was granted a patent for one of the earliest peanut butter machines in 1903. The machines made the process easier as making peanut butter had been quite tedious. Peanuts were first grounded using a mortar and pestle before being put through a meat grinder. Even then, it was hard to achieve the desired consistency.    Peanut Butter Goes Global In 1904, peanut butter was introduced to the wider public at the World’s Fair in St. Louis. According to the book â€Å"Creamy and Crunchy: An Informal History of Peanut Butter, the All-American Food,† a concessionaire named C.H. Sumner was the only vendor to sell peanut butter. Using one of Ambrose Straub’s peanut butter machines, Sumner sold $705.11 worth of peanut butter. That same year, the Beech-Nut Packing Company became the first nationwide brand to market peanut butter and continued to distribute the product until 1956. Other notable early brands to follow suit were the Heinz company, which entered the market in 1909 and the Krema Nut Company, an Ohio-based operation that survives to this day as the world’s oldest peanut butter company. Soon more and more companies would start selling peanut butter as a disastrous mass invasion of boll weevils ravaged the south, destroying much of cotton crop yields that had long been a staple of the region’s farmers. Thus the food industry’s growing interest in peanut was fueled in part by many farmers turning to peanuts as a replacement. Even as demand for peanut butter grew, it was primarily being sold as a regional product. In fact, Krema founder Benton Black once proudly boasted â€Å"I refuse to sell outside Ohio.† While it may sound today like a bad way of doing business, it made sense at the time as grounded peanut butter was unstable and best distributed locally. The problem was that, as the oil separated from the peanut butter solids, it would rise to the top and quickly spoil with exposure to light and oxygen.                All that changed in the 1920’s when a businessman named Joseph Rosefield patented a process called â€Å"Peanut butter and process of manufacturing the same,† which describes how hydrogenation of peanut oil can be used to keep the peanut butter from coming apart. Rosefield began licensing the patent to food  companies  before he decided to go off on his own and launch his own brand. Rosefields Skippy peanut butter, along with Peter Pan and Jif, would go on to become the most successful and recognizable names in the business.

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How will electronics fit into your professional life Assignment

How will electronics fit into your professional life - Assignment Example It is amazing to how electronics have changed for the past ten years (Aubusson, Schuck & Burden, 2009). New technologies are coming up each day making my professional life more exciting and easier. Various professions are in need of constant communications. Mobile devices such as smart phones have made communication possible. My devices have made it possible to communicate with colleagues, friends and other professionals. Social media and electronic communication have developed new ways of extending and promoting working life. From blackberry phones to iPhone, technology continues to change after day (Aubusson, Schuck & Burden, 2009). We are aware that new technologies are emerging as a result of innovation that is in various parts of the world. We all depend on technology and utilize it to accomplish certain tasks in the day to day activities. Technology is being initiated and implemented in all circles of life (Eschenbrenner & Nah, 2007). They are everywhere, in our offices, hospital, transport system and the other spheres of life. It is indeed true that we can’t perform well in the absence of technology. Technology has become a priority in many companies and organization. It is, therefore, important for us to learn how to utilize the various technological devices at our disposal. As the world continued to develop, it is of essences to be updated with new technology since technology keep on varying. In the business, for example, technology is important in saving and withdrawing money. The use of technology in business has resulted in extensive benefits yet fewer human resources are in the process. Technology has also been of the essence in storage of the day to day information. Some of this information are vital and is often protected by the same device. Unlike in the past when communication was done by sending letters and waiting for the postal services to deliver and retrieve information, current technology has made it easier for professional to